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E-BIKE Batteries


LEMON-X e-bike batteries is the India’s leading brand. We have vast distributors network all over india and we are supplying batteries to most of the manufacturers over the long run. Being the leading importers and distributors of motorcycle batteries, we strive to surpass the needs of our manufacturers with advanced technology to satisfy the demanding needs of their motorcycles. So they choose LEMON-X SMF motorcycle batteries as there best choice.



LEMON-X e-bike batteries utilise latest advance design oxygen recombination technology to effectively control the generation of gas during use resulting in longer life & enhanced performance.

LMX SERIES MODELS (Maintainance free batteries)

      Dimensions- Millimetres(mm) Terminal Type Weight  
Model Nominal voltage Capacity (2Hr) Ah L - W - H Kg View Detail
LMX - 14 12V 14 151 X 99 X 97   4.4 Click Here
LMX - 24 12V 24 181 X 77 X 170   7 Click Here
LMX - 33 12V 33 197 X 165 X 170   14.5 Click Here